SLC Consultation

Adrian is a Certified Sisterlocks consultant for over 15 years. The consultation is necessary. Knowing what to expect at the start of your sisterlock journey is essential to understanding how to best care for and maintain your new sisterlocks. There are three(3) Key Visits to starting your Sisterlocks. The first (1) and most important Is The Consultation. You and your consultant will examine and discuss your hair in depth to decide if Sisterlocks is the best choice for you. After the consultation, if you have decided to begin your sisterlock journey, there are two (2) more critical visits required for the overall health and care of your Sisterlocks. Visit Two (2) The Locking Session will take 15-20 hours within 2 days. Visit Three (3): The Follow-up with 4 weeks after the install. : On-going regular retightening appointments ensure that your sisterlocks are settling correctly and are doing what they are supposed to do at different stages of the locking process and get the proper maintenance by a professional Sisterlocks Consultant.

Appointments. All of which are vital to the ongoing health and maintenance of your sister locks.

For more information about these For Key Visits, please visit the Sisterlock Website.

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