Our Essence of “AR” Natural Hair Care products: Our Eco-friendly, toxic-free natural moisturizing, hydrating, growth products are made With African, Ayurvedic herbals, Natural Oils, and Essential Oils from all over the World. With scalp loving, hair growing oils, we take care of simulate, and smooths the scalp. Give your hair a revitalizing treatment with growth blend of “Refreshment “ Essential Oil Daily Spritzer: Ingredients include Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender, ylang-ylang, tea tree oil, etc.  Every Scalp need Refreshment, Use on Braids, Sisterlock, Locks, traditional locks, Weaves, and natural Textured hair.  We have products for everybody men, women, children, and coming soon, a unscented line of products for babies. Scents include energizing lemongrass, relaxing lavender; ylang ylang, clary Sage, aetc. whipped shea butter, and blended coconut oil for hair and body. “A.R.” handmade lotion, creams, sprays are just what you need for total hair and body care. We also have a line of products for transitioning hair care for those who want to learn how to manage relaxed hair while transitioning.  Let us help.

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