Essence of AR


M. Steinback,

I am a longtime client of Essence of AR by Adrian Robinson. 

My loctation at the time used Essence of AR hair care products and when she relocated, she suggested I check out some of the other offerings. I went to Ms Robinson for a Brotherlocs consultation and she agreed to do my hair. I then learned of the array of natural hair, scalp, and skincare products she had created. It has been about seven years now, and she had been refining her essential oil combinations in various products with excellent results. 

At the suggestion of a dermatologist, I began using Rogaine for an area where I had long time thinning. It was modestly successful, but I was concerned about the chemicals in use. Adrian began developing a growth solution that I have been using for about a year now and I have renewed growth of hair that will soon become new locs.

People always remark about how healthy my hair looks and I never hesitate to refer them to Essence of AR. I am delighted that several people in various parts of the country that I have referred to her, are now her clients.

 Although I recently relocated a couple of time zones away, I continue to use the products and consulting services of Essence of AR. Ordering is seamless and timely whether it be these products or the jewelry and artifacts that she creates that have made great gifts over the years.

The foundation of Adrian Robinson’s work is in her genuine promotion of wellness for her clients, whether in her products, Sisterlocs technique, or counseling and advice on product use. She does exhaustive research on elements and processes and is always willing to explain how and why certain products work. She can maintain the excellent quality of her work because it is done in small batches, and she can do customizations for specific applications.

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