Adrian Robinson

About Adrianne

Adrian Robinson, was born in Brooklyn, New York, she moved to Mississippi to stay with her Grandmother on a farm, until she moved to San Francisco, CA to live with her mother.

Adrian at age nine, found a passion for natural hair care and styling. She began as local entrepreneur in San Francisco’s, Potrero Hill, at a early age of nine,  She Did micro  braids, corn rolls, twist and Afros.  She crocheted hats and scarves and booties and she even made wire rings.  Adrian  was always  researching new ways to enhance and celebrate natural hair.

Adrian found  her true love in, Sisterlocks TM.  She first saw a black women with Sisterlocks in 2001, on a flight back from New York.  This sistah’s locs were beautiful they cascaded down her back and looked like tiny braids. Adrian asked her “are those single micro braids” she smile and said no, and gladly shared the information about her sisterlock journey, and encouraged her to visit to  learn about Dr. Cornwell (originator) and her Revolutionary hair care system Sisterlocks TM.

Dr. Cornwell says; “Sisterlocks TM is like therapy for a condition you didn’t even know you had. Years later Adrian’s daughter called her and told her she seen this beautiful sister with colored small locks, and for her to go to the Sisterlocks TM. website and educate herself about sisterlocks.  Adrian had been doing mirco single braids for decades, but soon discovered a way to share Sisterlock with her clients.  Adrian says, “It is a revolutionary step, holding our heads up high, Keeping us  out of the beauty supply!”  Thank you God and Dr. Cornwell. 

Natural Hair Care Specialist

Adrian is a skilled Ceritfied Sisterlock’s(TM) consultant. She has over 10 plus years experience in starting, maintaining and repairing Sisterlocks (TM), and is grounded in over 5 Decades of experience with other natural hair styles, including cornrows, microbraids, conventional locs and twists. Adrian loves the freedom that you can experience when you embrace the natural, easy-maintenance path of Sisterlocks. Woman with textured hair savor the hours of time and money saved, with investing in sisterlocks. We have many ways to wear our natural hair, learning how to best care for natural hair is a freedom In its self.